Inner Equine Journeys is fortunate to worked with amazing individuals and companies. Read and learn what our guests have to say about our work:

YOU ROCK! I had such an AMAZING day and please know that it was appreciated by ALL that attended. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to watch you and the horses in action. It FAR exceeded my expectations. You are amazing women and the horses are beyond gifted. A million thank you’s doesn’t begin to show our feelings. Bending down to you!

I think I really was able to apply the obstacle course to therapy and people’s lives – including my own. As soon as I changed the way I led him through the course, it changed for the better.

This is a very empowering form of connect with such a big animal, to learn how to be with a horse and the parallel process with clients.

My day went from nervousness to total enjoyment and accomplishment.

I learned that I have to be much more aware of my body language and how it is affecting those around me.

As a professional today was a reminder that I need to flex my communication style and think of people and their needs in order to have the best success moving forward.

About the Therapists – You are both so gracious and skilled therapists and it was an honour to spend the day in your presence learning and growing.

Today helped me gain an understanding of my love for horses even though I am not a horse person.

Thank you for the beyond wonderful day at Inner Equine Journeys.

My day went from uncertainty, fear, nervousness to feeling full of many positive and supportive emotions. Thank You.

When I first came to equine therapy I was scared so much and I did not know what to think because of all the bad experiences I had with some people but Lori Thompson’s program I have way more self esteem and I never would have discovered my gift with horses and I think it gives all kids and adults more rain (sic) on life”. (This comment is copied, as written, by an 11 year old …sorry, almost 12 year old , boy.)

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