Lori Thompson

Lori ThompsonLori Thompson is the founder & owner of Inner Equine Journeys Growth & Development Center. She is a Registered Nurse and has been practicing in the area of Mental Health for over 21 years, as well as, she is currently an online coach for Equine Assisted Learning.

Lori has spent her lifetime helping people and horses, so it was truly a natural fit that she would excel in Equine Assisted work. She has added education in Forensics, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy through EAGALA, Equine Assisted Personal Development through the Chris Irwin Institute of Equine Arts, Equine Assisted Learning through Higher Trails and Equine Facilitated Wellness through NEFWA.

Lori has over 20 years of horse experience and training. She is well grounded in Parelli Natural Horsemanship methods, Monty Roberts’s language of Equus and Chris Irwin Horsemanship methods. She has been a volunteer in Therapeutic Riding programs and Equine Rescue. She currently lives with her family just outside of Carseland, Alberta, where her dream of helping people through the healing power of horses has come true.

Marcy Field

Marcy Field, owner and founder of Mountain Lion Leadership, has been facilitating communication and workplace learning since 2003. Companies and individual client assessment find her to be competent, motivating, and empathetic. Her clarity of thought and visionary perspective engages participants providing them with tools to adapt information to their professional environment. Her clients include retail, manufacturing, utilities, oil and gas sectors, and the Mental Health field. She has also provided services to numerous provincial government departments. Marcy has a BA in Communication Studies and a Certificate in Adult Learning.· Marcy partners with Lori Thompson to provide workshops to corporate clients and Mental Health groups.

She is married·and their blended family has·four adult children. Her life is enlarged with five distinctively individual grandsons. A motorcycle enthusiast, active gardener and avid traveller, Marcy enjoys all the special moments that life brings.


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The Horses

thunderThunder is a 14-year-old Percheron/Thoroughbred cross. At the age of 2 Thunder found himself in the meat pens awaiting slaughter. What could he have done to deserve such a fate at such a tender age? Tragically, his only crime was he was not colorful enough. He was bred to be a flashy black and white Paint Sport Horse and so this was not acceptable. He was rescued from the meat pens and brought to the Rescue Ranch to await adoption. This is where I met Thunder or should I say he met me. I was cleaning and he kept following me around and making himself seen.

We decided to adopt him and just before we went to pick him up, none other than a flashy black and white Stallion attacked him. He was hurt very badly protecting a young Morgan mare that the Stallion wanted. Once he was stabilized we brought him home to rest and recover Thunder is a kind, loving horse with an incredible nurturing instinct. He seems to understand when someone is scared, sad or hurt and is able to help participants work through these issues. Thunder harbors a lot of fear and sadness and never outwardly shows it, however I think that is why he sees it in others. Thunder is excellent in this program as he teaches participants about connection, attachment and empathy in the therapeutic relationship and in our lives. He truly is our Gentle Giant.[/tab]

Vana is a 7-year-old Quarter Horse. She is physically handicapped. She sustained a blow to the head by a gate as a young weanling and has wobbled ever since. It is intermittent and some days are better than others. We have had her checked by Vets and Chiropractors and all say she is not suffering in pain. She is an accepted member of the herd and depends on them for safety. When we went to pick up Thunder, he had taken Vana under his wing. She was scheduled to be euthanized the next day and the rest is history.

montanaMontana is a 12-year-old Tobiano Paint, a very good-looking boy who is so very easy to love. He is very smart, expressive, cute and loveable. He will lick you to death if you allow him. Although this is so cute, it masks his own insecurities. Montana is constantly trying to do the right thing and he needs lots of safety, security, reassurance and routine.Montana wants to please and sometimes has to be reminded of boundaries as he sometimes tries so hard he comes across as too overbearing.

One of his greatest gifts is his ability to pick up on his handler’s feelings. Montana will be starting the program this year and I anticipate he will be able to teach many participants about relationship and trust. As he has quite a sense of humor, he will undoubtedly provide each workshop with a few humorous moments.



Chip is a 18 year old Registered Peruvian. Lori made the mistake of riding a Peruvian and the rest is history. He is Lori’s riding horse however he does work in the program as well. He is a curious extrovert with horseanality plus. His sense of humour always gives us something to smile about. Chip is very sensitive, confident and loves to play. He has the ability to give each participant just what they need while teaching and sharing his confidence. Many participants come back just to see Chip!

maeSierra Mae is a Registered Quarter Horse (Reg Name: Eternal Girl of Zip). She is a jewel beyond words. Mae came to us in 2010. The previous owner felt she was too quiet and wanted to get a different horse for their children’s needs. Just before Lori picked her up, her feet were cut too short by a farrier. She could barely walk when she arrived at the Center and because of this, we had two-three months to get to know her before we ever saddled her. She is a secure, confident and a kind loving princess who loves interacting with people. She is beautiful and you cannot help but fall in love with her. It does not matter what you ask her to do, if asked in her language, she will do her best. She has worked with 6 yr olds to 60 yr olds and treats everyone with the same respect she expects in return. She is very secure, therefore will not allow people to push her around or be heavy handed. She is smart and needs lots of variety in her life. One day Lori will be riding her and the next she is in the program changing lives and Mae always adapts beautifully.

Josie is a Quarter Horse/Welsh Pony X  who joined our team and brightened our lives in 2016. She has a beautiful disposition, loves kids and looks forward to the opportunity to work with them. Josie is a member of our School Program Travel Team, Therapeutic Riding Team, Alysha’s riding program and she works with Lori in Equine Assisted Learning and Psychotherapy. Our nickname for her is ”The Love Bug”.


Grace is a 12 year old White  Appaloosa Mare who came to us through a divorce situation. She had been in and out of Rescue for the early years of her life. What life events happened to get her there, we can only guess. When she arrived at Inner Equine Journeys she was very thin and in need of a special diet, if we were to save her.  For all the things that have happened to her at the hands of humans, she has found a safe forever home with us. She is a kind, forgiving compassionate, loving girl who does not hang onto the past and just moves forward with Grace.  She works in all our programs and is much loved.



Red is a 19 year old Throughbred X horse who came to us in 2014. He is a strong sensible guy who has done many things in his life. He was in the movies, western pleasure and 4H. As well, he has been a ranch horse and worked in feed lots.  He works in all Inner Equine Journeys programming but especially excels at teaching new riders.

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