Family Workshops

You don’t have to ride in order to benefit from working with horses. Many of our programs are designed around ground work with the horses. Ground work is where any healthy relationship begins. If one hasn’t laid the “ground work” based on honesty, trust, respect, and understanding then the relationship is being set up for failure. As demonstrated and practiced by working with a horse our Family Workshops are designed to assist and support families in healthy communications, setting boundaries and working together from a place of each family member’s strength.

For more information on Inner Equine Journeys Family Programs contact Lori Thompson at 403.988.0774 or by email.

Cool Family Solutions & Inner Equine Journeys Collaborative Program

Cool Family Solutions and Inner Equine Journeys are partnering in the Family Strengths Builder Program. Inner Equine Journeys will deliver the experiential component to this program.

Cool Family Solution clients wishing to book their equine day, please call Lori at 403 988-0774 or email us.

The Mother/Daughter Journey

Looking for a stronger connection with your daughter? With your mother?

Join us for a full day in the countryside to celebrate the uniquely powerful mother-daughter relationship. The day is designed to improve relationships and deepen bonds. Come out, play with the horses and make memories.

Available upon request. Contact Lori Thompson at 403.988.0774 or by email.

Women & Horse Wisdom Workshop

The horse offers women the opportunity to deepen their connection to themselves and enhance their relationships with others. Horses are social animals and give constant honest feedback to our interactions with them. Being prey animals, they are acutely attuned to our inner state of being and the feelings of those around them.

Our Women & Horses Journey Series is designed for women who want to experience the unique and powerful interaction between women and horses. By working with these magnificent animals, we explore communication & personality styles and how they affect our relationships, boundaries and self-esteem. This workshop is a journey of self-discovery.

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For more information on Inner Equine Journeys Family Programs, contact Lori Thompson at 403.988.0774.

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