Are you a healthcare professional? Do you work in the Human Service Sector? Are you a student training for a health care position?

Inner Equine Journeys offers a small group experiential workshop specifically designed to assist you in dealing with the public. With the assistance of our 4-legged professionals, participants look at their communication skills, verbal and non-verbal, and effects on their practice.

Facilitated by Inner Equine founder, Lori Thompson who is a Registered Nurse and has been practicing in the area of Mental Health for over 24 years. She has added education in Forensics, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy through EAGALA, Equine Assisted Personal Development through the Chris Irwin Institute of Equine Arts, Equine Assisted Learning through Higher Trails and Equine Facilitated Wellness through NEFWA.

“Almost 85% of our communication is non-verbal and often, when interfacing with patients, we are unaware of the body language and cues we send them. Horses live in a predominantly non- verbal world and therefore react to our behaviour not to what we say. They will clearly let you know when your verbal and non-verbal communication style is not aligned.

Horses also need our undivided attention when working with them. How many times do we as clinicians look like we are listening to our patients, however we are distracted? Although our patients may not notice our divided attention, horses will and are more than willing to let us know when our attention has lapsed. In the rush of patient care we may overstep boundaries and inadvertently make patients uncomfortable. Horses are not shy about telling you when you have overstepped your boundaries and they give valuable lessons about maintaining personal space for yourself and your patients.”

Full Day Workshop: 9:30am 4:00pm

Lunch, coffee, tea and snacks are provided
. Quote will be provided upon request.

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For more information on Inner Equine Journeys Healthcare Programs, contact Lori Thompson at 403.988.0774.

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