What Do I See?


At Inner Equine Journeys we work with horses, many diverse individuals and groups. This is the place where lives change through the healing power of horses. It never ceases to amaze me how much I learn in the process and how my life continues to grow and change with every lesson. It is this horse wisdom that I wish to share with you.

In the fall, I was working with a group of brain injured clients. One of the clients, I will call James was very interested in Vana (a Palomino horse). He was brushing her, touching her, noticing the minutest details of her colour and the way her hair laid, how and where her swirls were and how soft her muzzle was. It was truly amazing. He told me he was an artist and was just beginning to learn to draw horses; however he had never seen one up close before. He was pointing out things about Vana that I never noticed. Now I have had Vana for 9 years. She so loved the attention and a connection was born. He got on his cell phone and called his granddaughter to tell her what he was doing. I remember him telling her he was with the most beautiful horse in the world and describing Vana in detail. He took a picture so he would not forget one thing about her. He wanted to capture the moment.

What struck me was how much he saw and how much I had never seen. As I went about my daily life with Vana, there were things about her I never noticed. This made me think about the rest of my life and I had to ask the question, what do I see? Am I truly seeing my family, children, friends, co-workers or am I just blindly running through my life day after day missing the wonder and rich experiences life has to offer? Horses are prey animals and so they are very observant and have to be to stay alive. My client with his brain injury also needs to be observant to get through life. But what about me?>

I decided that day to slow down and start really looking at life (not just with my eyes but with my heart) observing the people and animals in my life and more importantly to develop the horse wisdom my horses so graciously give me every day. Has life changed since that day? A resounding yes. Amazingly as I started to see others in a more sensitive way, they began to see me in the same light. Life became richer, friendships became deeper and love now leads the way. Today let a horse teach you a life lesson and ask yourself, what do I see?

InnerEquineWhat Do I See?